Coupon Code for Visual Latin

You know how much my family loveloveloves Visual Latin.  My review was just glowing because it is truly great to see a casual and accessible latin program out on the market.

Well, as if the love isn't already running deep, now Visual Latin has sent a coupon code for me to share with you all!

Here's the info from my email:

We're happy to announce that Visual Latin Lessons 21-30 are now available for download in the Compass Store! Click here to check them out. We’ve added a range of new subjects to take your Latin to the next level: new Pronouns, Active and Passive Infinitives, 3rd and 4th Declension Nouns, Positive and Comparative Adjectives, plus lots more – it warms my heart just to list them out! Furthermore, since this is something of a celebration for us, we’d like to provide you with a coupon code for 25% off any of our Visual Latin products. Just type in VLEMAIL2130 at checkout and you’ll get 25% off your order. It’s only good for the rest of this week, so use it as soon as you can.
If you like Visual Latin, please tell your friends. That’s the best way for us to get the word out about what we’re doing!
I'm not sure how long "good for the rest of this week" actually is, so head over to right now to use that coupon code.

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